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News from 24.06.2005

28th Mill Valley Film Festival


Dear Andrej, We absolutely loved the film and want to invite it to play at the 28th Mill Valley Film Festival. You did a beautiful job in capturing the the landscapes and the personalities that inhabit the Carpathian mountains. Bravo! The Festival runs this fall from Oct. 6 – 16, 2005. We hope that you will accept our invitation. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Janis (Programmer)

“This wonderful film wanders through four countries and speaks seven languages. Whenever the people are silent, nature talks, through nebulous trees, whispering fields, seepage water, snow.”
- Christoph Dieckmann, Die Zeit

“An affectionate approach towards people, who lead their lives in loneliness and abandonment.”
- Fritz Göttler, Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Illustrious images of unheard. Carpatia is the document of both a forgotten as well as a perishing world.”
- Anke Westphal, Berliner Zeitung

“In this way one immerses during two hours into a completely different, secluded, quiet, faraway world, from which one would not like to return all that quickly into ours.”
- Kirsten Liese, BR-Online
„Carpatia” available on DVD

Hier können Sie die liebevoll ausgestattete DVD bestellen:
127 Minuten, 16:9, PAL
Originalfassung (7 Sprachen)
Untertitel: deutsch, englisch, ...
Extras: Making of, Kinotrailer, ...
Booklet mit 28 Seiten (deutsch)


Carpatia auf DVD
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