"The beautiful countryside footage of the Carpathian mountains encourages dreaming. The portraits of lonesome mountain farmers and others that seek no contact to progress, bring inspiration to the soul ..." ... more

Hans-Jörg Rother
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 29. April 2004, Germany
"Big close-ups, landscape panoramas of overwhelming density, subtle atmospheric sounds of wind, water, animals and humans that seem to be living in the midst of the last century, telling about their everyday life, contribute to the magic of this film." ... more

Frido Hütter
Kleine Zeitung, 5. March 2004, Austria
"Carpatia gathers people that are not driven on by simple-minded content, but know that only calmness can help them to master life's adversities. " ... more

Eva Baumgradinger
Festival-Magazine Diagonale 2004, Austria

29. April 2004, Germany

Festival-Newspaper Diagonale
2004 Austria

Kleine Zeitung
5. March 2004, Austria